Dubai map


Before you visit this country it is desirable to have the Dubai map in your pocket. To discover city trip, find out where your will spend the night on and the main attractions you are going to visit. The Dubai map is an indispensable tool which makes it easy to see the most interesting spots of the town. The population is exceeding on 4114 km2 territory. Oil is the luxury tourism is the major source of GDP of this country.

The map offers collection of data with regard to different surface. Many people do not know where the Dubai is located; this page will show them the way to find the right spot on the world map. Dubai is an urban centre of oppositeness located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf. Two districts are dividing the country into two parts- Deidra on the northern side and Bur Dubai to the south. Each part has its own travel features and important structures.The map of Dubai is a resource of info on the location of the various tourist spots to all the important landmarks in Dubai.There are different maps of Dubai that I have come upon. But examine this plan, which I think has been the best of them all.

It nicely presents the geography of the city. The details are big enough but not too big, and most importantly easy to see and read normally. A good map is essential, particularly if you are visiting for the first time or don’t know the country well. The various maps of Dubai are on the market or on the web but very few are so practical that this one. I wish you find this particular map of Dubai advantageous.

Dubai map. Future map of Dubai.

Dubai map

Dubai map

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates. This is the most inhabited city in the country. The city keeps an honour of cosmopolitan city.
Dubai is a main travel direction of Middle East as well as a large financial centre. If you carefully scan the map, you will find that this city provides almost every sort of pleasure for people. The Dubai map will also help you to find several attractions around the city whether it is manmade or self-generated. On the other hand if you are intending a trip to the city, you must checkout the listed maps below. The selected list of must have travel maps to go. To gain all the info about accommodation in the area, you must go through a Dubai Hotel Map. These maps usually present every detail, which are important for a traveller who is landing for the first time in global village.

These maps provide a handy search service to find out all the main landmarks in the country and also offer a list of all hotels, apartments, shopping malls, hospitals, diplomatic missions, places of interest, etc. Many travel guide web pages also provide online Dubai hotel maps, which is an overall database of hotels located in the city. A comprehensive detail provided on these hotel maps allows traveller to find a hotel or apartment with their fund.

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  1. Mel Haselden Said,

    June 20, 2012 @ 12:08 pm

    Dear Dubai World Islands,
    I’m researching images for reproduction inside a book by Rowan Moore, architect and critic, and due to be published by Pan Macmillan in September. The book is entitled Why We Build and is a fascinating examination of what inspires great architecture and how buildings shape our experiences and change our lives.
    Inside the publication Rowan Moore would very much like to reproduce a map of Dubai and I am writing to ask if you would be able to grant permission for the Dubai map on your website (above) and whether you would be able to supply a high-res scan for reproduction?
    Unfortunately the Publishers have an urgent deadline and I’d much appreciate hearing back from you as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.
    With very best wishes,
    Mel Haselden
    (on behalf of Pan Macmillan Publishers)

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